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Agile project management methods

GSK responds to two core problems:

On the one hand, the high speed at which projects are often completed.

On the other hand, there is the realisation that deviations from the plan are the rule rather than the exception.

The latter is especially true where the requirements for the project or project outcome are not yet clearly defined at the beginning of the project. Even a minor change in the basic requirements can lead to longer project durations and to the project not being controllable in classical project management. Agile project management by GSK, on the other hand, takes just such changes into account, which in turn leads to the achievement of objectives.

GSK therefore offers sound expert knowledge, targeted strategy, which leads to tangible benefits and sustainable implementation.

More than 85% of transformation projects fail to achieve their goals. Our GSK approach helps you anticipate, measure and manage the risks associated with change processes in society, organisations or businesses from day one. The result: a seamless process from strategy to opportunity creation.

How much more effectively or quickly or qualitatively can you do something?

You need to keep adapting or even reinventing your processes and focus to sustainably achieve the goals you set.GSK analyses all processes in their and focus on the sectors with the greatest potential. From administration to research to business or organisation and across the entire process chain - GSK thinks systematically with you to redesign and define clear tasks that will make your strategy a success.