opportunities together.

Government Relations and Public Affairs.

It has never been more important, more complex issues, shorter attention spans and a multitude of actors make the possible solutions increasingly confusing.

Especially in the context of the Paris Climate Agreement and its consequences, the pandemic, the digital and ecological reorganisation of societies, the economy, the European Union, in the context of global political disputes, it is essential for future development that the expert teams in the important metropolises, from all political camps and society talk to each other, and do not retreat to being right, but discuss the common possibilities, not about whether but about how.

GSK supports this necessary dialogue, neutrally with relevant political expertise and strategic advice. It is important in analysing even complex political agendas to highlight the risks and opportunities that lie ahead. Due to our roots in practice and science, we offer not only cross-sectional competences, but also the simultaneous processing and observation of problem situations and topic developments.