At GSK, a strategy is much more than a pronounced plan. Since our foundation, we have considered strategy consulting as our core segment. We work with many institutions, NGO’s, companies in all sectors worldwide to develop them so that sustainable results can be delivered. The 21st century faces a multitude of challenges: Globalization, legislative changes, climate change, pandemic, geopolitical challenges and confrontations, international competition, cyber-attacks, digitalisation and demographic trends are just a few keywords. We help our clients to assert themselves in this difficult environment by using GSK's knowledge and experience, also internationally.

GSKs strategy experts support you in implementing complex strategic challenges and developing situational solutions.


Innovative organisations are characterised by a particularly efficient structure. Processes are designed in line with the strategy, adequate competencies are placed in all sectors, and pending decisions are made and implemented. Furthermore, the organisations are adaptable, clear and are experienced as inspiring by the employees. Experience shows that such structures are on average 5 times more likely to deliver outstanding performance than their competitors.GSK understands organisations as complex systems. Based on the strategy, the structures, decision-making powers, control and management of the organisation are all defined, carefully align ways of working and competencies critical to success. In close cooperation with you, we create the conditions for high-performance organisations. Our measures include the optimisation of the organisation and the acceleration of decisions.