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Crises Management

While disasters are always associated with damage and loss, crisis describes the culmination of an event with the chance of a good turn.

Crisis is a productive state. You just have to take away the taint of catastrophe.

- Max Frisch -


A crisis has many faces:

demonstrations, political changes in governments, boycotts, rumours, terror, blackmail, armed conflicts, epidemics, pandemics, economic problems, mass layoffs, environmental scandals, political coup attempts. But also mergers and acquisitions and financial scandals, changes in legislation and in the consumer environment make professional preparation and handling of threatening crises more necessary than ever. The crisis. Everywhere, anytime and unpredictable. Not only "classic" high-risk companies are at risk, but basically every institution, company, party, club or association and state.

News spreads at lightning speed:

As a result, the actors of critical infrastructures are important players in the processes of change and crisis management. Close cooperation between the state and the business community as well as a common understanding of crises are the foundations for successful change and crisis management. The press, internet and television act more aggressively than ever in the daily battle for ratings. In the internet age, news spreads at lightning speed and worldwide. At the same time, consumers are reacting more critically, more sensitively and also more ready for conflict. In the case of inadequate change or crisis management, promises without consequences and communication disasters, top managers today are held personally responsible. Organisations that feel safe today, be they companies or authorities, parties, clubs or associations, can find themselves in a dangerous, existence-threatening situation tomorrow. Basically, no one can afford to do without crisis prevention.


The GSK CRISIS Team EU stands by your institution. Before, during and after the change or crisis. Because we have all the necessary experience in dealing with precarious situations in a wide range of sectors, situations and countries.