instead of evolution.

Disruptive developments

Remarkably, disruptive development was already noticed more than 2500 years ago, a principle of nature: "The hardest thing in the world - is conquered by the smoothest." It is the transcription of the first sentence in the 43rd saying in the book Tao-te-king by Lao-tse.

The transformation revolution with its manifold consequences for products, services, business models, corporate structure and value creation networks leads at some point to the players stumbling because it is attacked by one or more young challengers. The new company or companies or states score points with particular incremental and disruptive innovations.


In an incremental innovation, a company improves an existing product step by step. Through "updates" over the years, this becomes, for example, more beautiful, faster, more powerful, more economical or more cost-effective. This is therefore a continuous adaptation. With a disruptive innovation, a company invents a solution to an existing problem by breaking completely new ground with its business model. A consistent corporate strategy provides guidance on the path to a successful future.
We at GSK can accompany you in this transformation process in an advisory and moderating capacity in the further development of your organisation.