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Adaptation strategies in times of rapid change

There is no question that digitalisation, the transformation of energy and mobility, demographic change and geopolitical conflicts are radically disrupting many economic processes and business models, so that the management of companies, the positioning of the company, the development of the company and the capital employed are being confronted with new challenges - this also applies to government action.

Wars as well as the economic competitive situation with China, raw material capacities are turning the global economy and especially the energy policies of societies and companies upside down in addition to the goals of the Paris Climate Conference. Their priorities must be rebalanced, the transformation processes must be viewed more from a geopolitical and geoeconomic perspective. We are increasingly forced to rebalance the priorities in the energy policy triangle of sustainability, competitiveness and security of supply in the medium to long term. With regard to security of supply and competitiveness, we must take two long-term implications into account in our decisions: